What is the European Junior e-Motocross Series?

The European Junior e-Motocross Series is an educational series and a real first in the e-mobility sector. It is an European Series that will take place at selected rounds of the FIM Motocross World Championship on the same track over the same weekend as the Grand Prix races with the world’s best professional riders. It will be promoted and organized by Infront Moto Racing (organizers of the FIM Motocross World Championship) and KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles and GASGAS are key founding partners.This exciting initiative is part of the vision for the future as a first step for young riders into riding tracks of this level.

Where will it take place?

Each round will take place at an iconic MXGP venue. The 2024 European Junior e-Motocross Series calender is the following:

  • Round 1 –  May 19 – France – St. Jean d-Angely
  • Round 2 –  June 2  – Germany – Teutschenthal
  • Round 3 –  July 20 – Czech Republic – Loket
  • Round 4 –  July 21 – Czech Republic – Loket
  • Round 5 –  August 25 – Switzerland – Frauenland

How much does it cost?

The entry cost is free; Riders will only be required to take out an insurance with MSA to take part in the series. The cost is EUR 15 per rider per day for the basic package and this package can be upgraded.

Do riders need a Continental Championship Promo Sport License from their national federation to be eligible to compete in this FIM Europe Championship?

No, riders no longer need an FIM license nor any type of license.

Who can race in it?

Racers aged 6-8 on 1st of January, 2024 that are affiliated with their national federation and have a KTM SX-E 5, Husqvarna Motorcycles EE 5 or GASGAS MC-E 5 motorcycle.

Is there a restriction on bikes which can race?

For the 2024 season riders can only enter this class on a KTM, Husqvarna or GASGAS bike (KTM SX-E 5; Husqvarna EE 5; GASGAS MC-E 5). 

Do the riders need to bring their own bikes?

Yes, entries for this series are for riders on their own bikes. However, we have a limited amount of rental bikes available for the price of 600 EUR per race. 

What is the registration process like?

The parent/guardian of the rider should fill out the entry form on: Once the entries are submitted, a number of key people from the brands will carry out a selection process. The chosen entries are then submitted to the FIM, they will contact the rider to complete the necessary paperwork to race.

Can riders just enter one race?

Riders entering the championship need  complete at least 3 races to fight for the overall titel.Local Wildcard spots will be granted but they will not fight for the overall title.

How many racers can take part at each round?

40 is the maximum amount of places on the gate.

How many batteries does a rider need? Is there enough time between sessions?

We are currently carrying out specific tests to ensure that with even the fastest riders or difficult conditions the time of the sessions is correct for the battery life. We know that after a certain period the bikes may go into power reduction mode, and our goal is to ensure the motos are perfectly timed to avoid this as much as possible – this is a new series with new technology and an exciting future – we have also taken some information to learn from the events in the US, which have been a big success.
We have a preliminary schedule from FIM Europe and at present we believe there is no need for a second battery. We have asked Infront to ensure there is provision for charging the batteries at each race.

What are the length of the sessions?


  • 10 mins free + timed practice followed start test session
  • Race 1 – 7 mins + 1 lap
  • Race 2 – 7 mins + 1 lap

What is the proposed schedule during MXGP Weekends?


Welcome riders


08.45 Free/Timed practice 5min+5min
Race 1


Race 2

Will Riders race over the full Grand Prix track?

While the obstacles will remain the same, the track will be shortened to accommodate this class.

What media coverage will there be?

As international media attend the FIM Motocross World Championship, the new series is expected to receive coverage in the specialist press internationally, as well as highlights from Infront on the MXGP platforms and each of the brands involved on social media. The class will also receive some coverage in the MXGP TV programming.

Where can I find the rules for this class?

The series will run under FIM rules, which can be found in the FIM motocross rulebook. Once we pass the entry list over to InFront, who are running the series, they will contact the riders to organize the finalization of the entry. Further details from them will be sent in due time.

What does the winner of the series receive?

The winner of the series will be given a nice price for winning for first place, which will be for sure worth the rider’s while.

The winner will also be crowned the 2024 European Junior e-Motocross Series Champion.

What are the benefits?

Junior racers get the experience of racing Grand Prix tracks and being around their professional counterparts from an early age. They also have the opportunity to race a visionary class with electrically powered motorcycles, which we believe will play an import role in the sport of motocross in the future whilst receiving recognition as an FIM European Championship racer. The riders will compete on similar machinery on a Grand Prix circuit, and this category also offers a slightly different entry points which may suit some riders more than traditional classes (based on age or size etc).

Why are KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles and GASGAS involved in this?

KTM AG is an innovative and revolutionary motorcycle manufacturer – not only is KTM AG the world’s leading manufacturer in offroad, all three brands have always been dedicated to developing young talent. We have been investing in the e-mobility sector and recognize many exciting possibilities for the future; with the philosophy and vision of all three of the brands collectively, there is no racing series that is more of a perfect fit. All three brands see the importance of developing young talent and offering new and alternative forms of racing, as this is the start of a new chapter within the motocross racing framework.

What is the vision for the future?

There are many potential areas to develop in the future – KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles and GASGAS  remain committed to e-mobility and will continue with their innovative programs of development for this segment in the future.

Registrations Closed

Registrations Closed

Riders must compete on one of the following three models

EE 5
MC-E 5