European Junior e-Motocross Series
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european junior
e-motocross series

Welcome to the entry form for the 2021 European Junior e-Motocross Series.

To be eligible for the series riders must be aged 6-8 years of age on January 1st 2021.

There is no entry fee for the championship in 2021.

Rider selection will be made based on the information provided by this form.

Please note, any person who is not a parent of the rider attending the event must have a letter specifying they are the legal guardian of the rider during the race weekend and must be aged 18 or over.

It is mandatory to commit to compete in at least three rounds of the series.

If you are not competing in the full series please select the rounds in which you wish to compete:

Please ask your rider to answer these questions:

riders must compete on one of the following three models:
SX-E 5
EE 5
MC-E 5

The rules for the European Junior e-Motocross Series category will be provided within the European Junior e-Motocross series rules and regulations, which can be found on the following link.